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WTB TanksHey everyone!  As we start to get a fair amount of level 50 characters, we are desperately short on tanking.  Currently I’m the only tank above level 38 in the guild.  That just isn’t sufficient to be able to keep everyone satisfied at max level.  On a selfish note, it also does not allow me to log on and just do some solo stuff if I want, because there are always people that can use/need a tank to assist with a flash point, heroic quest, or something.  So in summary, we need tanking help and fast.

The quickest way to remedy this would be to recruit a tank.  This requires meeting a tank through PUGs or friends, forum advertisement, or chat spam.  Another alternative is having folks reroll to help in the tanking process.  I believe we already have some folks who have done that, but leveling takes time and isn’t an overnight solution.

I’m not opposed to any solution at this point, but I do know that I need help!  I don’t want to let folks down, but I know that long term I cannot continue to be the only viable tanking solution at max level.  So please, consider PUGing tanks and/or consider rolling a tank class alt.  In order to sustain a happy, healthy environment for everyone we need to solve this issue as soon as we can.  I appreciate all your help and welcome any thoughts/suggestions on other ways to help improve our tanking deficit.

I’ve updated the links page with some of the sites people have submitted!  Some things of note:

The companion guide Kantara submitted is a really decent look at companions in SW:ToR.  I’d recommend checking it out!

The crafting guide Tom submitted is a great way to cover the basics.  Good find!

I’ve got a couple links in there I think a lot of you will have interest in.  First, Dulfy Force’s wordpress website.  Really awesome looks at operations/hard mode flashpoints.  Gear drop lists, basic strategy guide, etc.  Second, is an Elitist Jerks style class discussion forum.  It contains forums for ALL classes despite the name.  You’ll find some very detailed look at your class mechanics, preferred rotations, spec discussions and more.  If you’re into that sort of thing, I think it’s a really solid reference site.

If you’ve got more to contribute that don’t overlap some of the stuff we already have, be sure to add comments on that page for future review!

Thanks everyone for contributing to making this site more complete!

SOPA Ribbon

So, generally I steer clear of all things politics/religion/etc when it comes to this site.  But, I’m sure many of you are aware of the SOPA act that is going through Congress right now.  It can potentionally create an environment where hosts and ISPs would be required to deny access to sites based solely on the copyright holder’s claim of infringement, without any actual burden of proof being placed on the copyright holder.  The original thought behind stopping piracy is a noble and good one, but the implementation in this act is terrible.  I have added a very small ribbon at the top right corner of the site, showing my (and I hope your) support of stopping the SOPA act from being passed into law in this country.  It will only remain for a few days.  If anyone is offended by it, I can certainly take it down; feel free to contact me about that in private if you wish.