Monthly Archives: March 2012

So, I haven’t been keeping a close watch of WoW related news, but this post ( by MMO-Champion was just too big not to mention.  This is a pretty detailed look into the upcoming WoW expansion.  There are a lot of good ideas listed there, hopefully they are successful in implementation.  Personally, I’m still undecided whether or not I’ll reopen my account for Mist of Pandaria – but I have to say it does seem to have a lot of promise.  Whether or not those promises are fulfilled or not, only time will tell.

On a side note, I closed on my house Friday and we have been moving, getting utilities setup, etc.  Organizing all the final details has been quite a chore.  We are hoping to have internet connectivity today, but that isn’t guaranteed yet.  My availability for today/tomorrow is unknown at this point.  I’ll do my best to be back available for SW:ToR operations tonight.  If you guys need me, its best to leave a message here or text me to reach me while we move.

We have conquered 1 fairly clean clear of EV!  It only took a little learning to get it down.  I have previously promised a more “firm” schedule would be incoming.  After some discussions with the other officers, we are proposing the following weekly schedule.

Tuesday: 8:30pm – 10:30pm – Progression content
Monday: 8:30pm – 10:30pm – Farm content (option to continue with progression if we feel it’s warranted)

Right now, for instance, this might give us:

  • Tuesday: KP Normal Mode
  • Monday: EV Normal or KP Normal

In a few weeks, that might yield:

  • Tuesday: KP Hard Mode
  • Monday: EV Hard Mode

This is just a proposed schedule and I’d welcome your feedback on the days/times.  Head over to the forums to comment!  If we don’t have any/much negative feedback on these times, then we will proceed with this schedule starting next week (Tuesday, March, 13th).

We will go ahead and do SOME operation next Monday, March 12th as well.  It might be KP Normal or EV Normal, but we’ll attempt something to grab some gear for folks.