Diablo III Patch 1.0.3, SWTOR Server Transfers, and more

Today, Diablo III released patch 1.0.3.  This brings in a ton of changes including a nerf to Inferno mode.  Perhaps this will allow some of us to make some further progress in the game without needing to perfect our gear.  Full patch notes can be found here: http://www.diablofans.com/blizz-tracker/topic/227302-patch-103-now-live/

SWTOR is in the midsts of major server consolidation/transfers.  Mind Trick, our server has been opened up to transfer to Corellian Run.  If someone with an active account in the guild can give us a status update, we may want to look at moving the guild to the new server.

Mists of Pandaria continues to go through beta testing with level 90 being open for a couple weeks now.  There is a TON of new stuff coming in MoP and even though I was not very excited about most of it to start with the more I read about the coming features, etc… The more excited I am about playing it.  My initial thoughts is, it well let a casual guild like Enigma have a lot more to do on a daily basis than previous expansions.

I’m glad to see we still have some folks checking in on the site periodically.  Let’s get people back here and active.  I miss playing games with everyone and want to ensure we continue a strong bond across multiple games.

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