Mists of Pandaria gets a Digital Deluxe edition

World of Warcraft’s forthcoming expansion pack, Mists of Pandaria will bring about a wealth of changes to the almost 8 year old game.  One of the ancillary changes that will come about is how the benefits of a collector’s edition will be available upon the game’s release.  Users that don’t buy the collector’s edition for the box, but rather the in-game items you’re rewarded with for purchase, will have the ability to buy a “digital deluxe” version which will include similar or the same benefits as the boxed Collector’s Edition.  Presumably, you’ll get the digital benefits at a lower price point as well, since production and distribution of the box will not be necessary.  Further details are unknown at this point, but be on the lookout for more MoP information in the very near future.  It seems like a release date announcement should come in the next few weeks!

If you haven’t played World of Warcraft with Enigma previously, you are welcome to join us on the Horde side of Uldaman-US server.  It’s a PVE server with a fairly active community at last check in.  I still have an active account, so feel free to contact me here and I can meet up with you in game to distribute a guild invite!

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