Patch 5.2 is here!

Well, the first raid tier and PVP season for the Mists of Pandaria expansion has drawn to a close.  As a guild we achieved guild level 25 this expansion, have had numerous level 90s, and have done plenty of questing, a few dungeons, some LFR raids, and a bit of PVP.  If things pan out, Pete, Mike, and I should receive challenger titles from our 3v3 team, Quack Quack Pato.  I’ll add some commentary after the break about my experience this PVP season.

Check out some more patch 5.2 notes/details below!

Season 12 Commentary

So I began this expansion with a couple of things in mind, they were:

  • Enjoy a more casual play style
  • Attempt to get into the PVP world again

Many years ago, in Vanilla and TBC, I was an avid PVP enthusiast.  I spent most of my time in the game doing battlegrounds when they were new.  I spent a ton of time in arenas when they were a new thing.  Then in Wrath of the Lich King, I rerolled to Death Knight and focused on PVE.  I tried PVP at the time and wasn’t in love with how a Death Knight played in arenas and I didn’t want to play any other class.  Cataclysm followed much of the same for me.  But after a break from WoW and some time PVPing in SWTOR when it was new, I decided I should give PVP in WoW another shot.  I decided I would focus on a couple things to start this expansion:

  • Level my main to max level and use him for LFR and dungeons to support my casual PVE need
  • Level an alt, most likely my warrior, to max level and use him for PVP

And that’s just what I did.  Mike did similar as well and we started doing some arenas has warrior/paladin.  I had fun, the challenge was good, the # of abilities was manageable but playing a warrior just didn’t feel “right” anymore after so many years as a Death Knight.  So I started the grind over again as a Death Knight in PVP.  To my surprise, it was MUCH more enjoyable than I remember it form Wrath of the Lich King.  The sustained damage I could put out was tremendous and it gave me a more enjoyable feeling during gameplay.  Not long after that, Pete had his rogue to max level, so we ventured into 3v3.

We had some early successes, but it became pretty apparent to me that Death Knight was a class that brought very little utility to the table.  I have great sustained damage and multi target damage.  Survival is a huge challenge though and other than roots/snares I provide very little CC benefit.  Pete on the other hand was all utility.  And he decided to make a swap to his warrior to facilitate more damage/survival with a fair amount of CC as well.

The comp of Holy Paladin, Frost DK, and Arms Warrior was pretty decent.  At low levels, we could destroy a target very quickly with a fair amount of burst.  Over the season we made slow and steady progress towards a middle of the road ranking.  One thing I found to be true over the course of the year is, the higher ranking we get, the most exposed I am as a Death Knight.  My ability to survive and defend myself is based mostly around running away and hoping Mike can bring me back up to a reasonable amount of health.  Anti-Magic shell helps but good teams dispel it or silence me to keep from casting it.  Icebound Fortitude is nice, but good teams can still burn through it.  Blood presence is almost a must after we broke the 1600ish barrier.

Ultimately, I still have a great time playing the Death Knight and he may continue to be my main in PVP going forward.  I did roll a Shadow Priest to have an alternate path to pursue if necessary.  Gearing for him will begin as soon as possible in 5.2.

In summary, PVP is fun to me again.  I had a great time playing and look forward to what Season 13 brings.  Hopefully I’ll get better at the class I’m playing and we’ll see even new heights in 5.2!

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