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As our little guild continues on its way, with everyone enjoying their favorite entertainment, more of what we enjoy is being thrown our way – this time in the form of the new expansion for Starcraft II!
As those of you following things are likely already aware, Heart of the Swarm (releasing this Tuesday, March 12th) will entail a journey into the hive mind of the Zerg and their rampage across the stars of the Koprulu sector. This of course means new units, new mechanics, new maps, and new playstyles as we rend, tear, and maim our slimy way through the campaign and into the newly retuned multiplayer experience.
While I know not all of us here in Enigma play Starcraft there are many of us who do. With all the new goodies that are to come, I’m certain many of us will be rejoining the galactic struggle and enjoying ourselves in Blizzard’s familiar setting.

For those of you planning on getting back into (or continuing, if you never quit!) the Starcraft experience, remember you have friends and family that should be ready and willing to join in the fun! Check your friend lists, hop onto Vent, or log into your instant-messenger, and experience the thrill together!


Queen of Blades

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