Patch 5.3 gets a release candidate; How will that effect us?

5.3 Release Candidate
5.3 Release Candidate

The World of Warcraft patch 5.3 latest update on the PTR was marked as the release candidate.  This patch is a “minor” content patch that will not bring a new raid, but will bring in an enormous amount of PVP changes.

Some of the things that stick out in my mind are:

  • Base resilience is being changed from 40% to 65%
  • Gear iLevel normalization – PVE items will be normalized down to iLevel 498 when used in instanced PVP
  • Resilience mostly removed from gear
  • PVP Power and Resilience nerfed 50% on gems
  • Healing benefit from PVP power increased, while other things were decreased to bring about a similar leveling of healing
  • PVP power will remain on PVP items to make them the more attractive option over PVE gear in PVP
  • Conquest point “catch up” will be implemented, allowing new arena participants a change to catch up on their gear via a temporarily increased conquest point cap
  • Random battlegrounds will require that you choose a role when queueing (heals vs. DPS)

The main purpose of these changes is to make two types of transitions easier for folks:

  1. Fresh level 90 in mediocre gear can survive when attempting to gear up via PVP
  2. PVE geared person can attempt to try out PVP without having to deal with the severe lack of survival

In theory, I think this is accomplish well through these changes.  I know when I’ve had new level 90s, one of the big challenges is feeling like I’m helpless in BGs and Arenas when attempting to gather up points in the gearing process.  I usually feel like I am hurting my team and I am a liability to the group.  Yet I have so few choices to bring my gear in line with others to be competitive.  The resilience change should help that, but won’t completely curtail it.  The PVP power nerf on gems will also help make the gap between new PVP player and old PVP player be based mostly on skill and less on gear.  That will be more true for a geared raider attempting PVP than a brand new level 90.

I still don’t know how certain things will fare, like the role queueing in battlegrounds.  Will you be locked into a spec that matches the role you choose?  Will you still be able to game the system?  Who knows, but I am eager to see what comes of it.  I’ll look forward to seeing you guys in game soon!

Oh, one last, sort of PVP related, but mostly PVE related note.  XP needed to level from 85-90 will be reduced by 33% allowing to get alts to max level faster.  So if you’ve hesitated to come back because of the leveling grind, that will be getting easier moving forward.  Get those alts ready to go!


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