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Keep in mind, everything below ignores split sharing with teamates in the area.

Lane Ranged Minion – 45xp/12g/18g
Lane Melee Minion – 65xp/17g/25g
For lane minions, last hitting rules apply, so smaller gold amount is for assist, higher is for last hit.

Large Harpy – 140xp/45g
Small Harpy – 22xp/13g

Large Buff Camp Ogre – 185xp/65g
Small Buff Camp Ogre – 22xp/13g

So let’s compare camps and lanes (non-shared numbers):

1 Lane wave – 330xp and between 87-129g
1 Mid Harpy camp – 280xp and 90g
1 Small Harpy camp – 184xp and 71g
1 buff camp – 229xp and 91g
***NOTE: Bumba’s mitigates the shared gold loss, but not the xp share***

So for xp: 1 lane wave > 1 mid harpy camp > 1 buff camp > 1 small harpy camp
For gold, it’s a little more ambiguous since we have to factor in last hits, etc.

Additional PVE sources of gold and xp:

Gold Fury – 200xp, 300g to entire team
Fire Giant – 200xp, 0g to entire team (plus awesome buff)
T1 Tower – 100xp, 200g to entire team
T2 Tower – 200xp, 300g to entire team
Phoenix – 0xp, 150g to entire team