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Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Logo

As our little guild continues on its way, with everyone enjoying their favorite entertainment, more of what we enjoy is being thrown our way – this time in the form of the new expansion for Starcraft II!
As those of you following things are likely already aware, Heart of the Swarm (releasing this Tuesday, March 12th) will entail a journey into the hive mind of the Zerg and their rampage across the stars of the Koprulu sector. This of course means new units, new mechanics, new maps, and new playstyles as we rend, tear, and maim our slimy way through the campaign and into the newly retuned multiplayer experience.
While I know not all of us here in Enigma play Starcraft there are many of us who do. With all the new goodies that are to come, I’m certain many of us will be rejoining the galactic struggle and enjoying ourselves in Blizzard’s familiar setting.

For those of you planning on getting back into (or continuing, if you never quit!) the Starcraft experience, remember you have friends and family that should be ready and willing to join in the fun! Check your friend lists, hop onto Vent, or log into your instant-messenger, and experience the thrill together!


Queen of Blades

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Blizzard was kind enough to change the contribution levels for folks a while back.  It has allowed our small little guild to make tremendous strides in guild level.  This past Friday we achieved something I didn’t think we’d ever achieve, guild level 20.  This gives everyone in the guild access to heirloom helms, if you so desire.  Congratulation to everyone on their hard work and effort to get us to this monumental achievement!  Enjoy!

Enigma - Guild Level 20

Enigma – Guild Level 20

Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria

So over the past few months, we’ve all been kicking around doing a little bit of everything and not focusing on any one game in particular.  Well, tonight Mists of Pandaria launches and I don’t expect anything will change in that regard.  🙂

What has become exceedingly true over the past 1-2 years is that, as a group, we have a ton of things competing for our time and attention.  School, work, family, real life, and other games have all played a little part in that.  I don’t expect Mists of Pandaria to change that at all.  What I do hope is, that MoP gives us a place to come together and game again, even if it’s just for a small measure of time each week.

Gone are the days of organized raids days, recruitment, and the time constraints and stresses those things brought about.  My vision of Mists of Pandaria for this guild is pretty simple.  I hope it’s a place for us to all get together and have some fun gaming a little each week.  Whether that is leveling, dungeons crawling, PVP, scenarios, the raid finder, or pet battles, who knows.  The activity that we choose each time means very little to me.  What is important is having a good time with some friends.

I’m hoping we see the return of several old friends over time as well.  If you’ve got other folks from other games that might be interested, bring them along too!  Enigma is now officially what it has been for quite some time anyway, casual.  Let’s kick it off with some leveling fun over the next few weeks.  Looking forward to see you guys in game!