Monthly Archives: November 2011

If I was lucky enough to play this past beta weekend with you, thanks for adding to my enjoyment!  I really had a great time.  If you’re interested in the guild, there is still time to sign up in the pre-launch guild setup: Enigma | Star Wars: The Old Republic.

If you’re reading this after December 2nd, that’s OK too!  Contact me via PM or comment on this post and we can work out details for admittance to the guild for release!  I’m anxiously awaiting playing the game with all of you.  I look forward to building a large/enjoyable guild experience.

So we’re off and running with the testing weekend.  If you’re looking for us, we’re on the:

Belgoth’s Beacon

server having some fun.  Please feel free to drop up a line there.  I’m on my Sith Inquisitor “Esdot” mostly.

Check out the new class specific pages!  There should be one for each basic class.

From the menu bar: SW:ToR -> Empire (or Republic) Classes -> <choose a class>

Let me know what you think!