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So last night, a few of us (Roan, Varim, Romeid, and myself) ran the “Boarding Party” & “The Foundry” flashpoints.  I won’t give away too many details here, but I will say that if you are a former KOTOR player, you need to run them at some point.  I am up for assisting folks through it (I am spec’d tank but can DPS in a pinch as well).  I highly recommend being at least 35/36 when you go in there.  Roan and Romeid were both a little under level and ran into a lot of resist issues due to the mob level.  I have included a picture with this post that is not related in any form or fashion.  Just can’t spoil the fun for folks that are interested in story stuff.

Khem Val, angry servant of Tulak Hord, eater of Force users, sewing enthusiast

Yoda Christmas

Yoda says "A Christmas Day, Merry It Is!"

Happy Holidays from everyone at Enigma!  We’re about 10 days into the struggle of Jedi vs. Sith, Empire vs. Republic, Blaster vs. Lightsaber and I think, generally, it’s been a good experience.  As we continue to slowly level up, we will also continue to expand our roster and achieve a moderate sized guild of friendly individuals.  I’ve had a blast with everyone I’ve been able to game with so far!  If I haven’t had a chance to group with you yet, drop me a line and let’s run a PVP match, flashpoint, or some quests together!

Thanks for making this guild great and I look forward to our many adventures moving forward!  Happy holidays and enjoy the time off (if you get any).  May the Dark Side of the Force be with you.

Emma Stone - Stand Up 2 Cancer - Star Wars

Emma Stone is ready for SW:ToR – Are you?

I think almost all of us have been part of the early access program, but the day that was long awaited by millions of gamers has finally arrived.  SW:ToR has officially launched!  As expected, Sith Inquisitor seems to be a very popular class.  Who doesn’t want to shoot lightning out of their hands?  Have you guys been rolling many alts to test other classes out?  Are you mostly sticking to your mains?  For me personally, I rolled a Bounty Hunter, but I made the decision yesterday to reroll him.  I’ve put his leveling on hold while I continue to work on my main.  I definitely plan on revisiting him in the future, however!

I feel like we’re in a very odd place right now with server queuing.  It seems to be getting progressively worse each day.  If we continue to see long queues, then I think we can evaluate as a guild what we might want to do after Christmas time.  I’m not entirely sure there is a more optimal place to be right now.  Speaking from past history with MMOs, it is MUCH easier to find new friends and PUGs for flashpoints/operations on a heavily populated server.  When the server population begins to dry up, it really presents a different set of challenges that is a little harder to overcome in my estimation.  So while I know these queues are VERY frustrating, I think it is in our best interest to at least try to stick them out.  We’ll see where we stand on this early next week.

We’ve been able to bring in a few new folks during the early access period.  I haven’t had a chance to meet and greet each of you yet, but it’s been a pleasure having you aboard so far!  We’re really anxious to find new and interesting people to game with. So as we’re all out doing our thing, let’s continue to try to PUG a spot for a Flashpoint or chat up a friend in a PVP match.  When you’re doing heroic quests and need a hand, see if a friendly person in the area is seeking help as well.  If you enjoy the person and they are seeking a guild, let them know about Enigma!  The best way to find new members is by meeting them in game and seeing what they are all about.  Let’s continue our push to grow slowly, steadily, and with people we can all enjoy!

With the start of Early Access comes the opportunity to meet new and exciting players to the game.  With that in mind, Enigma has opened recruitment for new members!  Check out our recruitment page today!

To the old folks:
As you get a chance to start your early access, see if you find any other players out questing on our server.  Help them out on a 2+ person quest.  Run a dungeon with them.  Take a few moments and get to know what they are about.  If they are looking for a guild, tell them about Enigma and see if they’re interested in finding out more!  The best way to grow our guild is through people we already know we enjoy being around from in game experience!  This is an exciting, new time in our guild’s history.  Let’s take this opportunity to build it into something special.

To the new folks:
What are we looking for?  People we can have fun with, of course!  Honestly, our restrictions are based solely around finding folks that we can enjoy the game with.  All we ask if that you exercise common sense, respect for other guild members, and work hard to have fun.  We’re a pretty lively bunch and have been gaming together for quite some time. We would love to include other awesome folks in our guild.  If you’re interested, continue on to the recruitment page for SW:ToR and come check us out!  We’re ready to meet you!

Check out the recruitment page today!