I’ve been lazy!

My guild update posts have been… MISSING IN ACTION

I’ve been so lazy about updating the main page here.  I just noticed today that my last update here was in October of 2012!  Yikes!  So here goes a real quick guild news update from the past 3 months:

  • Guild achieved level 25 on 11/09/2012 – Thank you to everyone who contributed to our leveling in this expansion and in Cataclysm.
  • Guild activity has slowed some since release of the MoP expansion, but there is still quite a bit going on for everyone at max level.
  • Quejada is nearing 90 on her monk, which will be our first level 90 monk and Pandaren!  Woohoo!
  • Jaydot continues to lead everyone is most characters leveled to max.  I think there total is 6 so far (Jaydot, Artavious, Nomashu, Lorgath, Kelebor, Ragnore).
  • Not too far behind, Abalie and Apaku are always tearing up the leveling scene.  I constantly see them working on various alts.  That completionist mentality is a tough one to fight!  Keep up the good work guys!
  • One of our newer friends Nemex has been on periodically.  He’s someone who met Enigma folks in SWTOR and has been a pleasure to get to know and game with.  Hopefully we’ll continue to see you around more often.
  • Zurias, Jaydot, and Diemor/Fadamer went on a huge scenario grind fest earning the guild a ton of gold and some achievements in the process!
  • A casual focus has kept everyone much happier and content.  I personally have been focused on Arena PVP in 2s and 3s as well as Battlegrounds to support my “main” gameplay.  Others have focused more on reputation grinds, daily questing, and things of that nature.
  • Looking For Raid is awesome for casuals.  There is nothing complicated or scary about it.  It’s mostly trivial in terms of difficulty, but it gives casual players like us a chance to see bosses, obtain some better than heroics level gear, and have some group PVE play.  If you haven’t tried it yet, hit me up when you have a 460 ilevel on your gear and see me online in the evening!

I am 100% sure I’m missing a bunch of other “cool” stuff that has gone on.  I have to say, I’m really pleased where we are as a guild.  Would I like to have more of our old friends back?  Of course I would!  If you’re out there and reading this, I highly encourage you to consider joining us on our casual focus style of gameplay.  Sure, the grind to 90 might be a little daunting.  And sure, there won’t be something to do every night.  But the occasional night of awesomeness is totally worth it!  Hope to continue to see our current players in game and maybe see one or two old school folks make the return trip.

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