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Keep in mind, everything below ignores split sharing with teamates in the area.

Lane Ranged Minion – 45xp/12g/18g
Lane Melee Minion – 65xp/17g/25g
For lane minions, last hitting rules apply, so smaller gold amount is for assist, higher is for last hit.

Large Harpy – 140xp/45g
Small Harpy – 22xp/13g

Large Buff Camp Ogre – 185xp/65g
Small Buff Camp Ogre – 22xp/13g

So let’s compare camps and lanes (non-shared numbers):

1 Lane wave – 330xp and between 87-129g
1 Mid Harpy camp – 280xp and 90g
1 Small Harpy camp – 184xp and 71g
1 buff camp – 229xp and 91g
***NOTE: Bumba’s mitigates the shared gold loss, but not the xp share***

So for xp: 1 lane wave > 1 mid harpy camp > 1 buff camp > 1 small harpy camp
For gold, it’s a little more ambiguous since we have to factor in last hits, etc.

Additional PVE sources of gold and xp:

Gold Fury – 200xp, 300g to entire team
Fire Giant – 200xp, 0g to entire team (plus awesome buff)
T1 Tower – 100xp, 200g to entire team
T2 Tower – 200xp, 300g to entire team
Phoenix – 0xp, 150g to entire team

og-image-siege-of-orgrimmar-garrosh-hellscream5.4 has shown up on live servers and from what I’ve read, it seems like people are loving it.  I was super impressed that Blizzard managed to keep the new Warchief a secret prior to the release of the content.  Awesome job Blizz!  There are lots of quality of life changes that were made this patch and where the expansion goes from here I don’t know.  This is sort of the “end” of the storyline I think, so anything further should be build up for the next expansion pack.  What that is and what it will be about is anyone’s guess!




smite-thumbnailOn a personal note, I canceled my subscription to WoW last month and haven’t looked back thus far.  I’ve been playing SMITE, which is a 3rd person, over the shoulder MOBA similar to games like League of Legends.  It’s Free to Play (but you have to purchase gods to play, 29.99 for all current and future gods) and is a lot of fun.  It’s a different feel that an MMO, but if you like battlegrounds/arenas in WoW but hated the tedium of gearing up/leveling through new content, or grinding out new classes to max level, then you might like SMITE.  Head over to and check it out.  I’ll be adding a subsection for the game here, as well as some forum stubs for it.  If you’re looking for something different and enjoy PVP or other MOBAs, you might want to check it out!